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July 2010

Martin Luther King "Freedom Now" Marker Dedicated; In the Streets; RIP Tour proposed; UCHS Board Elections; Latest News From UCHS

May 2010

Historic Powelton; Internship Search; Keep Baltimore Ave in Bloom; Walking Tour; Special Thanks to ....

March 2010

UCHS AWARDS 2009 & Valentine's Tea; Mapping Poweltonians; Help get access to better records; Special thanks to.

December 2009

Preserving Historic Details; Green Additions to the Streetscape; Looking for Compliments; Special Thanks to ...

September 2009

From the President "Helma Weeks"; Last Chance; Walking Tours; Skaler Returns; At Bartram's Garden.

July 2009

"West Philadelphia: Building a Community" Exibit; UCHS TAP Report; Better Records Access; Scenic Cruises; Keeping Baltimore Ave in Bloom; UCHS web site renewal

April 2009

UCHS TAP 2009; May & Spring in University City; UC Green Tree Planting; 10th Annual Party for Clark Park; Walking Tours; Spring Preservation Workshops

February 2009

UCHS Annual Awards and Valentine's Tea; Old House Fair; Garden Court Walking Tour; Unnecessary Demolition

October 2008

Evaluating Historic Resources; Board Elections; The Tree in Art; New UCHS Mugs

March 2008

UCHS Annual Awards; An Adyssey to a New Space; Old House Fair; Party for the Park

December 2007

Technical Assistance Program II; Deconstructing West Philadelphia; Photo Essay; Condo In UC; 400 S. Pine St.; Research Request; News and Thanks

September 2007

Technical Assistance Program II; Lois Bye Funderburg Remembered; UCHS Board News; Thanks

July 2007

Dickens Visitors; September Workshops; Restoration Aid; Board Elections; Tree & River Tours

April 2007

Porches Honored; May Events; Homeowner Workshops; Spring House Tour; more...

January 2007

Awards Tea; Historic Properties Repair Program; Villa Violated; History Revitalizes; New Date Plaques; Old House Fair Returns; more...

October 2006

"Metropolitan Philadelphia" Lecture ; Historic Protest; Calvary Report; Circa 1821; Party & Planting; Nominations Needed

August 2006

Belgian Blocks Saved; Parties; Repairing Historic Buildings; Homeowner Workshops; Elections & Thanks

May 2006

Historic Powelton; Franklin; Spring Design Days; Contractor Recommendations; Which District?; May Events

March 2006

Accolades & Celebration; Homeowner Workshops; UCHS TAP; Party For The Park; Promise of Spring; Thanks

January 2006

Awards Tea; Lutherans Painting; Historic Paving In Danger; House Tours; Historic Properties Reapir Program and Homeowners Workshops Announced; Thanks

November 2005

Restoration & Renovation in Progress House Tour; Satterlee Reenactment; Call For Nominations; Katrina Preservation Crisis; Dispalys & Tours; New Welcome Packets

September 2005

Fall House Tour; Recalling West Shore; Preserving Low-Income Neighborhoods; Street Smart; OCTrolleyfest; Elections & Opportunities

March 2005

Spring House Tour; Valentine's Tea; Trolleys Roll Again; Bricks & Branches; Survey; Save These Dates

January 2005

UCHS Awards; Porches Progress; Philadelphia Neighborhoods; Tax Credits; HB 1954

November 2004

Trolleys in UC; Historic Preservation Task Force; Last Chance for APS Exhibit; New Officers; Porch Raisings; Shopping

October 2004

Tickets To Ride; Porch Savers

August 2004

Porch Sales; Elections and Polls; Gifts To The Street

June 2004

A Big June Weekend; Spring Cleaning & Planting; A New Old Poster

March 2004

Awards & Accolades; Robeson Stamp; Then & Now Slide Show; Schuylkill Obstacle

January 2004

A Look Back; New For 2004; Historic Markers

November 2003

Marker For Satterlee; Preservation & The Election; Art of Ruth Molloy; State Tax Credits

September 2003

House Tour; Worrying About Windows?; Lessons Of The Summer

May 2003

Spring At Last; Elections; Eyes On The Streets

March 2003

Winter Winners; Mill Creek; Hall Watch Letters; UC Welcome Packets; Bitar's Benefit

November 2002

Holiday House Tour; Add Your Voice To Hall Watch; Ruth Molloy Remembered; Architectural Details; New To The Board

September 2002

Second Chance For Skaler Talk; Elections And Officers; PRIMER For Fall

July 2002

The Nomination Is In; The Opposition; Walnut West Renewed; Elections; Victorian Spruce Hill Tours; Trolleys On The Wall; Images of West Philadelphia Available

April 2002

Vintage Views; Historic District Q&A; Old House Show; Awards and Kudos; PRIMER, Strut!; More Friends

January 2002

Valentine's Tea & Gifts To The Streets; PRIMER for Homeowners & Landlords; Special Friends; Happy Birthday Mr. Dickens

November 2001

Holiday Trolley; Gingkoes and Sunoco; Garden Winners; Spruce Hill Historic District; Cite Your Neighbors; New Officers; Winter Events

August 2001

May Fair Memories; PRIMER; R.I.P. Returns; Web News; Hope for Homes; Elections

April 2001

Honors & Commendations; PRIMER; Anti-Blight; Party for the Park; Circular-Free Porches

November 2000

Holiday House Tour; Historic Greening; University City's Garden Tradition; Hiding Trash; Thank Yous; New Mug

September 2000

PRIMER; Through the Grapevine; Cedar Avenue Update; Fall Tour; Marking Time; Board News

March 2000

New Beginnings; Treasure Sale; Preservation Honors; A New Style Hat; Living In The Livable Past; Spring Tour

January 2000

Pre-Valentine's Day Tea and Awards Ceremony; Wolfgang House Preserved; Powelton and Garden Court Historic District Markers; Holiday House Tour

December 1999

UCHS Holiday House Tour; Letter from the President; Streetscapes Update; Calvary's Year of Renewal

August 1999

UCHS Streetscapes Project; Date Markers; Management Markers; Gardener's Gifts to the Street

March 1999

Gifts To The Street Awards; Baltimore Avenue Charette; Remembering Gordon Callaghan; Candidates' Nights; Historic Homeownership Assistance Act; Spring House Tour; UC Paint; Holiday House Tour

December 1998

UCHS-UC Pride Holiday House Tour; A Country Carol; Old House Fair; Baltimore Avenue Art Project; Iron Fence Found; UCHS Preservation Awards

September 1998

Planting History; UCHS Online; Close at Hand; Walnut West Library; UCHS and the Penn School Initiative; Elections

May 1998

Spring House Tour; Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony; Special Alert; Call for Web Suggestions; Botanic Trail News

March 1998

Photo Exhibit; Preservation Awards; New Historic District; Spring House Tour; Under Full Sail

November 1997

Holiday House Tour & Brunch; Holiday Greens Sale; Gardens Award; Close at Hand; Liquid History; New Home for UCHS Furniture; The Woodlands; Lend an Eye

August 1997

Moving On; Glen Foerd Outing; Historic District Meeting; House Tour Volunteers Needed; West Side Evenings; 20th Century West Side Stories; Photos Wanted; Good Walking; Behind The Scenes

June 1997

Farewell to The Woodlands; Help Us Move On