...will be celebrated at this year’s Valentine’s Tea and Awards Program. On Sunday, February 10 from 4 to 6 p.m., please join all the members of UCHS and those being congratulated for their contributions to the historic streetscapes of University City at the Cernanskys, 930 S. 48th Street, on the corner of 48th and Springfield Avenue. In addition to announcing and honoring those being granted UCHS’s Preservation and Preservation Initiative Awards, the many others commended for their “Gifts to the Streets,” both in the form of façade improvements and landscaping additions, are being invited to accept our thanks. The Preservation Awards will be presented at 5 p.m.

Once again, the efforts of UCHS members and Board will be evident on the ever-lavish tea table and for the chance to see our neighbors emerging from what’s left of winter.

All we ask is that you give us a call at (215) 387-3019 or email us at info@uchs.net to let us know how many of you will be coming to insure that there is enough tea in the kettle and cakes on the server.


Members of UCHS have noticed great examples of new façade maintenance and restoration effort and some detailed paint schemes which highlight the historic details of our historic architecture at: 212 S. 41st Street; 216-218 & 223 S. 42nd Street; 317 & 321 S. 43rd Street; 503 S. 44th Street; 235 & 255 S. 45th Street; 255 S. 45th Street; 243 & 326 S. 46th Street; 326 S. 46th Street; 408-10, 414, 424, 801 and 1020 S. 47th Street; 508 S. 48th Street; 505 & 537 S. 49th Street; 4222 & 4305 Baltimore Avenue; 3401, 3413 & 3415 Baring Street; 4716, 4722, 4727, 4729, 4734, 4834, 4844 & 4901 Cedar Avenue; 4506, 4512 & 4520 Chester Avenue; 3706 & 3708 Hamilton Street; 4618 & 4706 Hazel Avenue; 4301, 4333, 4417, 4605 & 4640 Larchwood Avenue; 4215, 4323, 4428, 4525 & 4628 Osage Avenue; 4107, 4213, 4215, 4217-19, 4220, 4225, 4232, 4238, 4248 & 4408 Pine Street; 224 St. Marks Square; 1021 S. Farragut Terrace; 4608 Springfield Avenue; 4033, 4114, 4116, 4240, 4443, 4522, 4524, 4526, 4630 & 4638 Spruce Street; and 514 Woodland Terrace.

All of those responsible have been personally commended for their “Gifts to the Streets” and invited to attend our awards tea. Please join us then to thank them again for their contributions to the historic streetscapes of University City.

Also commended and invited to share tea and congratulations for the equally important “Green Gifts to the Streets” are those responsible for gardening and landscaping improvements over the last year at: 206 & 208 S. 41st Street; 401 S. 42nd Street; 317 & 321 S. 43rd Street; the 400 block S. 44th Street; 445 S. 44th Street; 228, 239, 506, 507, 509, 511, 513, 518 and the block garden on S. 45th Street; 242, 246, 248, 250, 258, 262, 264, 266 & 506 S. 46th Street; 428 S. 47th Street; 4809-4811 Baltimore Avenue; 200 block Buckingham Place; 4515 Chester Avenue; 4620 Hazel Avenue; 4300 block Larchwood Avenue; 4408, 4410, 4627, 4629, 4630, 4632, 4729 & 4737 Larchwood Avenue; 4300 block Osage Avenue; 4417 & 4419 Osage Avenue; 4209, 4213, 4220, 4222 Pine Street; 4300 block Pine Street; 4400 block Pine Street and 4614 Pine Street; 4200 block Regent Square; 200 block S. Farragut Terrace; 1006, 1009 & 1011 S. Farragut Terrace; 4600 Springfield Avenue; 4314-16 Spruce Street and 3935 Walnut Street.

You can read the names of those responsible for all of these at the Awards Tea and we will publish them in the next newsletter. If we missed any others, not thanked in previous years, let us know now and keep your eyes out for next season’s efforts!


The fifth season of PRIMER (Preservation, Restoration, Improvement, Maintenance, and Educational Resources) workshops continues on February 16, 2002. The University City District and UCHS have once again brought together a knowledgeable – and often entertaining – group of professionals to help those seeking information on the maintenance of older homes. At each workshop, experts will offer advice about prioritizing projects, budgeting, and identifying and selecting contractors for each type of job. Scheduled so far are workshops to be held at the UCD Operations Center, 3940 Chestnut Street dealing with:

Workshops fill up quickly: register on-line at ucityphila.org or by calling (215) 243-0555. Each workshop is $10/person; $5 for UCHS members or UCD contributors with checks payable to “University City District.”

Also - The Philadelphia Water Department has provided the UCD with a handout on “Protecting Your Home from Settlement” - information about your drainage system. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please call (215) 243-0555 or send an email to wormley@ucityphila.org with your home mailing address.


The successful PRIMER program, cosponsored by the University City District and UCHS will offer workshops addressing the particular concerns of landlords beginning in the spring. “Landlords have repeatedly asked me to initiate a PRIMER series devoted specifically to their concerns,” said D-L Wormley, PRIMER director and UCHS Board Member, “ and I hope this educational series will significantly improve the quality of rental housing in University City.”

Look for topics such as “Preserving a Property’s Historic Character on a Realistic Budget” and “Financing Rehabilitation Activities Using Historic Tax Credits.” Landlords and investment property owners should contact D-L for additional details at (215) 243-0555, ext 229.


Are those who added to their regular membership dues in UCHS to become Sustaining Members or Friends of UCHS. Those contributions went a long way beyond our modest dues structure to sustain our ongoing programs in the neighborhood. We would like to give them special notice at the beginning of a new year and thank them again for their special contributions to historic preservation.
Presently, our Sustaining Members are: David Adelman, Campus Apartments; Nicholas & Eleanor Cernansky; Bill Coleman; Dan DeRetis, Apartments@Penn; Sylvia Egnal; Neil Lifson & Patricia Gillespie; Genie & David Hochman; Tom McCarron & Richard Keiser; Michael Levin and Tim Wood & Kate Stover.

The Friends of UCHS are: The John Bartram Association; Amanda Benner; Carol & Richard Betts; David & Linda Blythe; Mark Brack; Jan & Arthur Bye; Margaret & William Campbell; Arlene Caney; Mary McGettigan & Larry Caputo; Steven Carb; Warren Cederholm & Don Caskey, The Gables; M/M George Cheston; Libby Rosof & Murray Dubin; Andrew & Ricki Eisenstein; Sylvia Elias; Fritzi & Philip Franks; Dorothy Gillam; Robert & Geraldine Giuntoli; Mary Goldman; Mike Hardy & Barry Grossbach; M/M Conrad Hamerman; David Horwitz; Chip & Julie Hunter; Mary Anne & Jack Hunter; Lisa & Edward Johanningsmeier; Sally & Stanley Johnson; Al Airone & Carolyn Kelly; John Schnepp & Richard Kirk; Nadine Landis; Dan Liberatoscioli, The Restaurant School; Sister Constance Marie, St. Francis de Sales School; Arlene & Don Matzkin; John & Bettsy McCoubrey; Brian Yachuyshen & Jacqueline McCrea; Maureen Tate & Gerry McHugh; Sue & Jack Minnis; Ruth Molloy; Gregory Muller; Martha Dooley & Kathleen Murray; Laurie & Victoria Olin; Jeff Berger & Danielle Rice; Joan & Keith Rolland; Betty Schneider; John Dixon Hunt & Nancy Sevcenko; Paul Steege; Carol Stein; Rod Stewart; Tim Rupe & Mark Stuart; Marilyn & John Taylor; Carol Thomson; Mark Wagenveld; Mary Katharyn & James Walton; Joan Weiner; Joan Wells; Beth & Nelson Wicas and Warren & Marie Willis.


By Cindy Roberts, Friends of Clark Park
Join us for an afternoon of music, stories and tasty English trifle as we celebrate the birthday of Charles Dickens at 2 p.m. Sunday, February 3. The free festivities will take place at USP’s Griffith Hall, 43rd and Kingsessing, across the street from Clark Park. We’ll have dramatic readings from A Tale of Two Cities and other works, delightful refreshments, and - with help from the Cherry Tree Music Coop - music by the internationally renowned David Jones.

Jones has performed throughout his native Britain and North America at festivals, clubs and colleges, singing songs from the great days of sail, Music Hall favorites and traditional ballads. He sings both a capella and with guitar or concertina accompaniment, often encouraging the audience to join in refrains and choruses ranging from boisterous to sentimental. The New York Times calls Jones “ . . . A polished craftsman with a warm glowing quality.”

After the entertainment and refreshments, we’ll make our traditional trek to the statue of Dickens and Little Nell in Clark Park, where the smallest children climb atop the statues to place celebratory wreaths on the heads of Charles & Nell. Hip-hip, cheerio, see you at the party!


Saturday, April 20 – A slide show and book signing of vintage postcard views of University City, from the river to 52nd Street by Bob Skaler, architect, author & collector in a joint program with the local chapter of the Victorian Society of America.

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