University City Historical Society

A recently-renovated 1850s mansion on Spring Garden Street in Picturesque Powelton. Photo by Kelly Wiles © 2016.

Membership Form
  • Household: $25
  • Friend of UCHS: $50
  • Sustaining: $100
  • Senior Citizen: $15
  • Student: $15

Contributions are fully tax deductible under current federal tax law.

Membership benefits include:

  • Subscription to On The West Side, the society’s regular members’ newsletter.
  • Access to UCHS members’ local Contractors/Suppliers List.
  • Discounts to UCHS sponsored events, including house tours, workshops, date plaques, and publications.
  • Admissions to special members events such as the annual Valentine's Awards Tea in February.

Mission Statement

University City contains the nation's largest collection of intact Victorian housing stock, with three major National Register Historic Districts: Powelton, Garden Court, and the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb.

Our Mission: The University City Historical Society promotes awareness of the history and architectural character of University City.

UCHS strives to:

  • Enhance the heritage of West Philadelphia and its rich abundance of architecture, culture, history, and scientific riches.
  • Undertake and encourage multiple facets of historical research and preservation.
  • Provide a forum to all who are interested in the past, present and future development of the University City community.

Activities include:

  • Collection of materials related to the history and development of West Philadelphia.
  • Recognition of architectural and environmental stewardship through annual “Outstanding Preservation” and “Preservation Initiative Awards” and “Gift to the Streets” commendations.
  • Sponsorship of historical house and walking tours, featuring the architectural wealth of University City.
  • Creation of historic districts to protect the historic integrity of the neighborhoods of University City.
  • Encouragement of historic preservation through workshops and education.
  • To provide historic building markers.
  • To inform the pubic about special topics related to the history of University City and its rich diversified heritage.
  • Through educational programs and special events, to highlight and celebrate local history and preservation endeavors in the neighborhood.

Board of Governors

  • Elizabeth Stegner (President)
  • Heather Calvert
  • Eleanor T. Cernansky
  • Lee J. Garner
  • Joanne Kellerman
  • Amy Lambert
  • Joseph Minardi
  • Jennifer Loustau
  • Justin McDaniel
  • Mary Beth Murphy
  • Elmore C. Phillips
  • George Poulin
  • Brian Spooner
  • Kelly Wiles
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