University City Historical Society

Membership Information

Membership Information

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  • $25 Individual
  • $35 Household
  • $75 Friend (free tote bag)
  • $125 Patron (free tote bag + 2 tickets to UCHS tours)
  • $250 Business (advertising in On the West Side)
  • $20 Student or Senior

Contributions are fully tax deductible under current federal tax law.

Benefits of Membership

  • Subscription to On The West Side, the society’s regular members’ newsletter.
  • Access to List of Contractors and Suppliers recommended by members of UCHS.
  • Discounts to UCHS sponsored activities, including house tours, workshops, date plaques, and publications.
  • Admissions to special events for members such as the annual Valentine's Awards Tea in February.

Mission & Goals of UCHS

Mission Statement

University City contains the nation's largest collection of intact Victorian housing stock, with three major National Register Historic Districts: Powelton, Garden Court, and the West Philadelphia Streetcar Suburb.

Our Mission: The University City Historical Society promotes awareness of the history and architectural character of University City.

UCHS strives to:

  • Enhance the heritage of West Philadelphia and its rich abundance of architecture, culture, history, and scientific riches.
  • Undertake and encourage multiple facets of historical research and preservation.
  • Provide a forum to all who are interested in the past, present and future development of the University City community.

Activities & Governance of UCHS


  • Collection of materials related to the history and development of West Philadelphia.
  • Recognition of architectural and environmental stewardship through annual “Outstanding Preservation” and “Preservation Initiative” and “Gift to the Streets” Awards.
  • Sponsorship of historical house and walking tours, featuring the architectural wealth of University City.
  • Creation of historic districts to protect the historic integrity of the neighborhoods of University City.
  • Encouragement of historic preservation through workshops and education.
  • Provide historic building markers.
  • Inform the pubic about special topics related to the history of University City and its rich diversified heritage.
  • Highlight and celebrate local history and preservation through educational programs and special events.

Board of Governors

  • George Poulin, President
  • Heather Calvert
  • Lee J. Garner
  • Roy Harker
  • Amy Lambert
  • Jennifer Loustau
  • Todd Margasak
  • Justin McDaniel
  • Joseph Minardi
  • Mary Beth Murphy
  • Elmore C. Phillips
  • Mark Silber
  • Brian Spooner
  • Elizabeth Stegner
  • Kelly Wiles
  • Peg Wright
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